Your Services at Saint-Esprit

We are there every step of the way!

The Sacraments offer opportunities to celebrate God's presence in our daily lives. The Lord's Supper, for instance, reminds us that we are part of a community of faith around the world and across time.

As Christians, we also celebrate God's presence in special occasions which mark the major milestones in our lives. Birth and death, our choice of faith, and the creation of a new family through marriage.


Holy Baptism is a public statement of one’s intentional decision to follow the way of Jesus. In the case of infant baptism, it is the parents’ declaration of their intent to raise a child in the way of Jesus. The bond which God establishes in Baptism is indissoluble, so baptism is only administered once.

Baptism is the beginning of a spiritual path, rather than the culmination of one. It is not necessary that a candidate for baptism fully understand nor be comfortable with every word of the Christian Creeds and doctrines, but rather be ready to embark on the rich path of discovery into the way, truth and life of Jesus Christ.

Baptism is open to all people, regardless of age or background.

Confirmation and Reception

Those who feel called to deepen or renew their life in faith can be received or confirmed in the Episcopal Church. If you have already been baptized in another denomination, we can help you discern whether these options are appropriate for you. Wherever you come from and whatever your faith background, Saint Esprit and the Episcopal Church welcome you!


The Celebration and Blessing of a Marriage is an expression of Christian community in which a couple makes their vows before God and their fellow believers, and the priest blesses the marriage on behalf of the Church. Marriage at Saint Esprit is, therefore, much more than a matter of mere form.

You may also reaffirm your marriage vows at Saint Esprit, if a civil or religious ceremony has been performed elsewhere.


For Christians, a funeral is a joyful celebration of the promise of resurrection, and an opportunity for friends and family to give thanks for those who have preceded us in faith. In accordance with the guidelines of the Episcopal Church, the funeral liturgy or a wake may be performed with or without the body present.

Saint Esprit owns a funeral plot in the borough of Queens, where spaces are kept for church members and others who have historical or family ties to the congregation. Contact us for more information on the church's cemetery.

These sacraments are open to all, but the celebration of special occasions at Saint Esprit is primarily reserved for the congregation's members and friends. Please contact the church administrator for more information.