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How do you write a new icon?

Joris Bürmann sits down with icon writer Nita Renfrew to discuss the prayerful and ecumenical process behind the writing the new icon of Elie Neau (1662-1722), Confessor of Jesus Christ. In September Saint-Esprit is celebrating the 300-year anniversary of the death of Élie Neau (1662 – 1722). Elder of the French Church du Saint-Esprit and later member of Trinity Wall Street, Elie Neau was a Huguenot refugee, a slaves on the Galleys and imprisoned in Marseille before he founded the first school for slaves in New York City.

Join us for our live prayer service on Tuesday September 6th 2022 at 6pm online or in our sanctuary at 109 E 60th Street (bet. Lexington Ave. and Park Ave.), New York, NY 10022. We will also hold a candlelight prayer service by his grave in the Trinity Wall Street churchyard on September 7th 2022 at 7pm. The service will be filmed and posted on YouTube later on.

To see the Bishop consecrating the icon, please click here.