Stewardship at The Église française du Saint-Esprit

“Stewardship” is a fancy way to say we love our church. In other words, we care enough about Saint Esprit that we want it to thrive. To ensure this, we contribute our time, our energy, our talents, and the fruits of our labor. Saint-Esprit’s Stewardship Committee has a well-organized program to help members support the life of the congregation. We raise funds with two goals: first, we collect annual pledges to cover the day-to-day operating needs of the church, which include salaries for our rector, church administrator and music staff, and the maintenance of our buildings. Second, we raise money for specific goals or projects chosen by the congregation, such as the purchase of our new organ in 2009 and Haiti earthquake relief in 2010.

The Annual Pledge Campaign

Every year starting in November, members and friends of Saint Esprit can fill in pledge cards in person or online to indicate their giving plans for the following year. Making an annual pledge is an important way to show commitment to the church, and we encourage all members to do this.

All pledges are equally welcome as signs of your support. The amount of each pledge does not matter to us, but the total number of pledges does. This helps the Vestry plan and provide for the church’s upkeep and growth.

Contributions to Saint Esprit are tax deductible, and making an annual pledge enables the church to document an individual’s giving, whether it comes in a single payment or as part of the Sunday collections, so they can receive full tax credit at the end of each year.

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Capital Campaigns

Every few years, Saint Esprit undertakes a campaign to raise funds for a specific project which has been identified as important to the church. In 2009, for instance, we raised $44,000 to purchase a new Allen digital organ, which we inaugurated in September of that year.

Saint-Esprit’s Endowment

Donations are also accepted for Saint Esprit’s endowment fund, which is managed by Vanguard, or for the support of specific activities, such as our music program or outreach. Donors should call the church office for information about contributing to the endowment fund.

Forms of contribution

Saint-Esprit accepts payments in cash, checks, or donations of stocks and bonds. You can also make donations to the church online using the “donate now” link in the menu. Some church members choose to remember Saint Esprit in their will, bequest, living trust or family foundation.

To receive pledge envelopes or for more information about specific forms of giving, please contact the church administrator. All gifts to Saint-Esprit are tax deductible up the full extent permitted by law.

Thank you and may God bless you!

Ways to contribute financially to our mission

Make an online donation now by clicking on the button below

Please, include a shipping address to receive your end-of-year charitable contribution receipt for tax purposes.

You can also mail a check to:
French Church du Saint-Esprit
111 E 60th Street #3F
New York, NY 10022