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Welcome to Saint-Esprit, a vibrant community of faith bound by the love for the French language and the core values of tolerance, freedom, and liberty. We’re delighted to have you explore the various ways you can contribute to our community through volunteering. As we come together in person and in larger numbers, your involvement becomes even more crucial.

Discover Your Place in Our Community

Church Services

Our church services require meticulous preparation, and there are diverse opportunities for you to contribute:

  • Floral Arrangements: Unleash your creativity or artistic flair by assisting with the floral arrangements around the Altar.
  • Altar Guild: Join the team responsible for setting up the Altar for communion.
  • Service Participation: Volunteer as a reader during our services, or take on the roles of a Greeter or an Usher.
  • Technical Support: If you’re tech-savvy, help with our live stream alongside Fred.

Parish Receptions

Our Parish receptions require many volunteers and there are many ways to contribute:

  • Food Preparation: Get involved in cooking and preparing the food for our receptions, usually on Saturday afternoons.
  • Event Setup: Help set up tables and decorations in the garden or parish room.
  • Service during Events: Assist in serving food during receptions, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for all.
  • Cleanup Crew: Contribute to the post-event cleanup, making sure everything is returned to its rightful place.

French Class Program

There is also an opportunity for those interested in our French class program:

  • Teacher Assistant: Support the French class program by managing materials like whiteboards, markers, erasers, and photocopies.

Mission Programs

There are many impactful ways you can contribute to our mission programs:

  • Detention Center Support: Assist in communication and visits to refugees in Elizabethtown, especially if you are a Spanish speaker.
  • Penpals and Contacts: Become a penpal or a friendly contact for refugees adjusting to life in a new country.
  • Global Outreach: Connect with our mission partners worldwide to inquire about their well-being or simply send warm greetings.

Join Us in Making a Difference

If any of these opportunities resonate with you or if you have other ideas to contribute to our community, please fill in the interest in volunteering form. We are eager to connect with you, provide necessary training, and welcome you into our family.

Thank you for your interest and the time you’ve invested in learning about volunteering at Saint-Esprit.