Vocational/retraining grants

The retraining assistance program of the French Church du Saint-Esprit’s objective is:

To offer a number of project-related financial grants not exceeding $750 per applicant every year from our funds to help a member of the church for any retraining or improvement course

To promote the values and mission of our church without proselytization.

To be in the forefront of the needs of a changing (increasingly media-savvy) work environment.

The rules:

People of any age are invited to participate in a ‘Retraining Program Scholarship Contest’ being held by the French Church of St Esprit. Prizes of $750 will be awarded, the number of which will depend on the budget of year.

The applicants should demonstrate that their project will upgrade their marketability in the ever-changing job market.

Contestants will be required, in good faith, to answer a ten question multiple choice test and to write a 300 word essay, either in French or in English on the career merits of their application. They can submit their application before entering a studying program, but should understand that they will only be offered a grant upon proof of a program if they are successfully chosen by the committee.

This competition is open to any member of the church, based on the broad definition we provide at every AGM (A member of the church can be any congregation member of any age who has attended at least one of the church activities over the past three months.)

Members can be of any age, applications from minors would have to be managed by a guardian or parent.

An application should be accompanied by specific explanations on how this will yield a career improvement (essay).

Applicants will be contacted in December about the outcome of their application.

If chosen, the funds will be sent directly to the school when possible, or as a reimbursement to the student with proof of purchase.

The application:

Click here to apply by December 1st 2020