About Us

About Us

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Welcome to L'Église Française du Saint-Esprit!


We hope you will come experience our services firsthand and taste our Francophone hospitality. May God bless you, from the Rector and members of the "Little French Church."

Saint Esprit feels like a village church in the heart of busy Manhattan. You don't have to be French or speak French to feel at home with us: you can be assured of a warm welcome, whatever language you speak.

We are an Episcopal congregation with a uniquely ecumenical heritage. Our doors have been open to all since 1628. Our prayers, sermons and hymns are in French, and we use the Anglican Book of Common Prayer. We embrace elements from the Reformed, Roman Catholic, and Eastern Orthodox traditions in our worship. Special services throughout the year, such as Huguenot Sunday and Afrique Fête, celebrate the diversity of our origins: we are North, South and Native Americans, Europeans, Asians, Africans and Caribbeans, cradle Christians and newly baptized.

On Sunday mornings, we offer free French classes at 10, as we have done for more than one hundred years. This is followed by traditional Holy Communion or Morning Prayer at 11:15. Afterwards, stay for some coffee and conversation. On special occasions, we share a festive vin d’honneur and other treats. During the week, we have Communion at 12:15 and bible study at 6 on Wednesdays, and Taizé contemplative prayer on Thursdays at 6:30. You can also join our many activities, such as visits to detained immigrants and "Les Joueurs", who meet every Monday to read and perform French plays.

We are a diverse Francophone and Francophile community united by Christian fellowship and the spiritual values of tolerance, freedom, and liberty. Come join us!

Our Mission statement


Saint-Esprit is a French Episcopal church with a unique Huguenot heritage. Our worship aims to unite a diverse and ecumenical Francophone and Francophile community in Christian fellowship characterized by a warm welcome and the spiritual values of tolerance, freedom and liberty.

On the basis of this heritage, St. Esprit aims to leave a legacy of a stable and growing church characterized by a warm and open celebration of the Christian faith and a generous sharing of our resources. We commit ourselves to leaving future generations a place where diversity is celebrated and differences shared in a fellowship of love within the body of Christ.